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A Night with My Wife
Finally time by ourselves, weíve been anticipating this for a long time. Iíve promised Carolyn a long overdue ďback rubĒ; she was laying on the bed, naked, face down on her stomach when I came in to the bedroom, I gently straddled her and began slowly massaging her shoulders and neck placing kisses down her spine, slowly rubbing her back and working on her tight muscles. I applied some lotion, rubbing it into her soft skin, working my way from the back of her neck, across her shoulders, down her back and pausing for a moment on her tight ass, massaging both cheeks, then down the backs of her thighs and down to her calves, and then slowly worked my way back up, massaging up her thighs, just grazing my fingers across her pussy as I worked my hands up on her ass, slowly kissing her lower back, making my way back up between her shoulder blades. Carolyn was getting relaxed now, as I continued to massage her muscles, slowly working from her neck, shoulders and then teasing with a soft pass down the side of her breasts that were exposed while she lay on top of them, working my way down the middle of her back placing soft kisses on her cheeks and trying to stay away from her moistening pussy for now. I concentrated on her massage still straddling her; the head of my cock would just touch between her ass cheeks as I massaged her back oozing pre cum. I tried not to think about it and continued to massage her. Carolyn slowly spread her legs apart and propped her ass up just enough for me to see her glistening pussy, she was very wet and I havenít even begun to work on it yet, but I will. I gained my composure as we have not had sex in awhile, and I wanted to have a long night of fun. Iím on the road a lot and we have cybersex which ends up with me coming for her, but tonight itís the real thing. I continued on the massage as Carolyn reached around with one hand and started to stroke my ever growing cock, slowly she would tease my cock by rubbing it up and down her wet pink slit, but she would stop short of letting me plunge my hard
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