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A Passionate Love Session Involving Oral Sex in a Car
After having read numerous stories I really felt like it was time for me to put up my tale of pleasure ride. This is my story of how in search just a companion I became a part of something so intense and amazing that me and my partner cherish it for life. Today I am gonna tell you a story on what happened between me and vineeta, my second girlfriend. Do send me your feedback at My name is rahil, 25 from Mumbai. i am 6 foot tall, fair guy with athletic body. Being the only child in a rather affluent family I had a love of everyone in my family. After finishing my engineering, I worked in a MNC for about 2 yrs. This is where I meet Sonia, my first girlfriend. Sonia was the most stunning girl in our office. She was very sweet, caring and down to earth girl or atleast she had everyone convinced she was that way. ‘My dream girl’ was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw her. As we worked in same department we used to interact often. We started flirting and got close, within months we started dating one thing led to another and we soon started making out. Let me tell you friends girls are nothing what they seem in bed. Sonia was a girl who liked almost everything in bed. We did role playing, every possible position in every possible place, anal, hrs and hrs of cunnilingus and foreplay, massages and things beyond imagination. But When it got to relationship we knew somewhere down the line it was gonna end soon. And so it did. After 2 yrs of relationship Sonia got married and left to US. My friends trust me when I say, ‘sex is like driving the more you drive the better you get’. After Sonia I dated few girls and even had few flings but nothing serious happened. Soon after Sonia went away I quit my job and persuaded my MBA dream. Within months I meet vineeta. She was tall and a smart girl to talk to. We would often talk about relationship at times sex life in general and our views. I remember one particular date with vineeta which went as Vineeta: which is the craziest place you would like to have sex. Me: The mountain
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