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A class act
A lesson in the art of sexual intercourse for a class of young girls at an exclusive finishing school. “Girls, at this point in the curriculum we usually show a video which explains a lot more clearly than I can what actually happens during sexual intercourse.” Miss James looked round her class as she spoke and adjusted the horn-rimmed glasses on the end of her nose. She brushed away a stray lock of hair which had escaped from the chignon at the back of her head. “You will recall that we looked together yesterday at the photographs and cut-away diagrams in the text book but you can obviously learn a lot more by seeing real people making love, even if it’s only on film. But today we’re going to do something special. John, here, has kindly agreed to take a break from his sports coaching duties to demonstrate the sex act with me so that you can see it at first hand.” Miss James’s eyes roved round the classroom, evaluating the response of her twelve pupils to the news that they would soon be watching their teacher and the tennis coach “doing it”, as she knew her young charges called the act of sexual congress. Two or three were blushing furiously but most, she could see, were intrigued by the idea. John, wearing tennis shorts and a tight, white T-shirt, sat on an upright chair, looking at the class with an enigmatic smile on his face. Already he could feel his penis swelling and stiffening inside his shorts and he looked forward to the moment when he could release it from the tight constriction of his underpants. “Our lesson will be in three main parts,” announced Miss James to the classroom. She could see from the eager expressions on the girls’ faces that there would be no problem holding their attention today. “First, we’ll look at the male sexual organ and learn how to stimulate it both manually and orally ( that means with our hands and with our mouth, girls, in case you were wondering. Then, John and I will demonstrate the sex act itself. And, finally, we’ll watch John while he ejaculates so that you can all see what happens when a man reaches a climax. “Any questions? No? All right then, would you mind undressing for us now John, please?” Miss James smiled across at the young man and tucked the loose strand
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