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Abused Slut
Well it was Thursday afternoon. Almost the end of another long day at work. As Amy passed my desk she said, "Cheer up - dinner time soon." She and I had begun to share dinner together on Thursdays as we are almost neighbors and, being recently divorced, enjoy visiting. I replied with a tired smile, "I know - if I can survive that long!" Little did I realize what was soon to be in store for me. Five o'clock came after what seemed an eternity and we heading home together in the car. As we came inside the house, she said, "Why don't you go ahead and change, I'll start the pasta?" I agreed and went off toward the bedroom. I began removing my blazer suit: hung my blazer in the closet; unbuttoned my blouse and tossed it into the laundry basket; kicked off my pumps and wiggled my tired feet; unzipped my skirt and put it over the chair; unrolled my hose and tossed them on top of the blouse, removed my bra and panties and tossed them also. I went to into the bathroom to wash up but before I could start the water Amy came in. "What are doing?", I asked demanded. She had never seen me undressed before now. She grabbed my wrists and before I could react she had handcuffed my wrists together behind my back. "What the fuck are you doing!!" I yelled. She answered, "I'm going to give you what you deserve slut. I'm tired of the way you tease the men at work! You and your slutty clothes!! Where do you get off coming on to the guys like you do?? Wearing no bra, and skirts to show off your pussy - you must be a slut or whore!!". I was shocked speechless by what she was saying. She pulled me over to the bed and tied my ankles to the corner bedposts She then tied a piece of cord to each wrist and then to each bedpost at the headboard. As she unlocked the handcuffs, she pulled tight on the cords and my wrists were then securely tied also. I was very scared and began struggling against the bonds she had tied, but it was no use - they were very tight. She then placed a ball gag in mouth and fastened it
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