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Bree's Last Patient
Briana Holtzman was brilliant. She was a physician, board certified in internal medicine and a successful business woman. With her long, black hair, blue eyes and pale complection, she could only be described as beautiful and she turned menís heads wherever she went. In spite of all of this, Briana had a problem. At the age of twenty eight, she had worked hard her entire life to enjoy the kind of life she had attained. There had been no time for a social life or for the usual experiences that prepared her for adult life. She had developed no friends or support group. She was a virgin. Having otherwise attained her success in life, with idle time on her hands for the first time in her life, she felt the need of those friends and support. For the first time in her life she felt frustration as she found she could no longer control her sexual needs and desires. Her mind was sometimes consumed with her needs. Masturbation, while offering temporary relief, only seemed to exacerbate those needs. So it was that she sat in her office, eating her noon sandwich and grapes, after a busy morning seeing patients. Suddenly, that all controlling urge came upon her and with an intensity she hadnít known before. She needed a man. She craved a man to come and take her virginity and satisfy her needs! In response to tose needs, her hand went beneath her skirt and under her panties to her little nubin at the top of her vestibule. There, her fingers applied a feather touch to her labia and inflamed those passions she was already experiencing. Gradually those fingers found their way into her vagina and massaged to inflame those passions even further. Quickly now, passions were taking control of her powers of reason. . . she needed relief! She needed a man ! Finally, as Bree was losing control, she felt it. . . the welcome rush of fluids from her vagina and the sensation of relief that signaled her orgasm. She began to relax and seek a tissue to clean herself. Then, it was back to work. . . Twelve more patients to see before she could finish her day of recording and office administration. It was near 5:30 PM when a young man, a walkin without an appointment, was seated in an examining
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