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Carly's New Life
Carly considered herself a good girl or now a good woman. She didn’t smoke or do drugs and she drank only in moderation. She’d been raised in a close family and well versed in ethics and morals during her early years. In high school, she had been an outstanding student and excelled in several sports - the all-American girl! Then, she went off to a distant university and listened to the professors speak of humanism. . . the new morality! During her freshman years, she’d listened and reasoned and compared this new morality with that she’d learned during her childhood. All around her she saw evidence of the new morality and the girls in her dorm were happily into this new life style. So it was that she made a conscious decision. She would try this new way. . . she would play the game! First, she would rid herself of that troublesome virginity! It wasn’t difficult for Carly to play. Tall, willowy, brunette with blue eyes and a pale complexion set on delicate feminine facial features, she was the target for many of the college “Romeos”. Having made her decision, she was very discerning and passed up many opportunities until just the right guy had come along. Ryan was the man who seemed to fit all her wants. He made his pass and she readily accepted. So I was that she went to dinner and back to Ryan’s hotel room to play. This evening, she had avoided any alcohol as she wanted to be able to fully enjoy what was about to happen. . . what she wanted to happen! Strange, she’d thought, having made her decision how eager she was to get on with it. She had chosen well in Ryan, a sensitive and considerate lover who had broken several girls into the new life style previously. When they’d returned to his room, he had kissed her and made love to her with his eyes. Carly’d felt her passions rise as she realized what was happening. . . She was being seduced! . . . on the first date yet! As they kissed and she’d felt a never ending series of new and exciting feeling, she was aware of Ryan’s hands roving over her and her clothing falling away. When she felt his lips on her breasts, she reveled in the sensations she was
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