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First Time For Everything
It was a hot, humid day and I was working on my car. I happened to look up and saw my neighbor in her tiny bikini walking out to the mail box to get her mail. Actually her swim suit left little to the imagination and the bounce of her breasts was quite pronounced. On her way back she came over and said that seeing as it was so hot and humid if I would like to cool off in her swimming pool I was welcome. I mentioned that I didn't have a swim suit and she said "That's okay, with the high fence around the pool I don't wear one either most of the time." With an invitation like that what normal man could resist. I had finished with the car so I put the tools away and went in the house to get the grease off my hands. Then I headed over to her back yard. I went through the gate into the back yard. The pool was quite large with cool refreshing looking water. She was laying on a chaise lounge, her swimsuit was nowhere to be seen. One of the first things I noticed was, no tan lines. Her breasts were not overly large or small, just a perfect pair with quarter size nipples. Further down was a one inch wide patch of black pubic hair that just covered her slit. "Come on, take off your clothes, the water is waiting for us." she said. With that I stripped off all my clothes. When I removed my shorts my cock sprang out in almost full erection. "It sure looks like you need to cool off" she said. Then she got up and dived into the pool. I followed and the coolness of the water almost took my breath away. When I surfaced she was floating near by, her tits jutting above the water and the nipples were hard. I rolled over on my back and she pointed and said "It looks like you have a periscope there." I looked down and saw my cock sticking up above the water. Instead of shrinking it had become fully erect, all 7 inches of it. "I'll bet you can't catch me" she said and then took off swimming for the other end of the pool. With several strong strokes I had almost caught
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