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First Time Having Sex
I lay on the beach. The sun, glistening on my body, that I had just oiled up with baby oil, to get the perfect tan. I listen to the waves of the ocean, hitting up against the hot sand. My eyes are closed, and no ones around, besides me. It isn't until I hear your deep breathing beside me that I open my eyes and see you sitting beside me, concertrating on the ocean deep blue sea surrounding us. Your icey bright blue eyes are glistening in the sun, and your dark tan is watm to touch. You look over at me, laying there in my little black bikini. We're finally away. We arrived on the island earlier this morning, we're both just eighteen, and out of high school. Since we've been dating for a year now, we've convinced our parents to let us go on a trip, just the two of us. We'd be home in a week, we promised. We'd call in every day. Even if they had said no, we would have still come, just because of the eagerness to be alone with one another, for once. The scene was beautiful outside our little cottage that sat directly infront of the ocean. The next cottage wasn't but a mile away, so therefore, we were alone. We'd turned off our cell phones, since there wasn't any reception. The only phone was a two mile drive east of the island, to the owners company building. All laptops were left home, and all connection to any other part of the world was cut off, just for this one week. As I saw you looking at me, up and down, I grab your hand, and pull you to me. Our lips meet, and I feel the warmness of your tongue linger around mine. We begin to makeout, passionatly, fearlessy, with every emotion of love we have. I push you down, and roll on top of you. Sitting on your stomach, I see you squinting your eyes, to look up at me, with the hot sun right behind me. "Baby, I love you, you're so beautiful", you say to me, running your thin fingers through the strands of my hair that fall from behind my ear. "I love you too babe, I always will", I lean down again, kissing, passionatly. We start to get into it more. I
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