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High School Days
Jerry was spending a few days with his old high school buddy, Bill, and his sister, Barbara. Jerry hadn't seen Bill in years, and when he found that he would be in his town on business, he had called to say hello. Bill had insisted that he stay with them, instead of at a motel. That evening, after a good dinner, the three of them were sitting in the den sipping wine and talking. "By the way, Barbara, how did your class go today?" Bill asked his sister. "Great," she grinned. "Wait until you see what we learned today." "I can hardly wait," Bill grinned. "What kind of class are you taking?" Jerry asked. Barbara grinned wickedly. "Strip tease dancing!" "You're kidding," Jerry laughed. "Yeah, a group of girls talked one of their friends, who used to be a stripper, into teaching them the bumps and grinds," Bill told him. "They've promised to have a party and all the women are going to dance for all their men when they graduate! Barbara's been giving me a preview of what they do after every class." "Yeah, he really gets off on it," Barbara grinned. Jerry was a little surprised by Barbara's comment, but chose to ignore it. "How many girls are in the class?" he asked. "There's three of us, not counting the teacher," Barbara answered. "When is graduation?" he asked. "Tomorrow night!" Bill told him. "I can hardly wait!" "He just wants to see Margie Jackson strut her stuff!" Barbara laughed. "She's got the biggest pair of tits you've ever seen." "I want to watch you strut around in front of those other guys, too," Bill said with a gleam in his eye. "Hey, you'll still be here, Jerry. Maybe they'll let you go to the show." "Well, I thought of that while I was at class and asked if we could bring him," Barbara said. "All the girls want him to come. I think they like the idea of dancing naked in front of somebody they don't know. Be- sides, Gloria's husband is out of town, so we're going to be one man short." "Great," Bill enthused. "Hey, I've got an idea," he said. "Why don't you dance for Jerry and me now?" "Now?" Barbara asked, but with a twinkle in her eye. "Yeah," Bill encouraged her. "Yea, I think I'd like to do that," Barbara said. "How about it, Jerry. Would you like to see me strip?" "Would
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