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Long Hard Day
It had been another long hard day for James and Elizabeth. They were a couple in their mid twenties, very much in love, who both worked hard all day in a seaside hotel. Elizabeth did a lot of the cooking and James did the bar shifts so they rarely went to bed at the same time. Tonight was no different. They had a coach booking of more than twenty people and they had both been slaving away for more than fourteen hours as usual. James had just shut the bar after having a group stay up having “one for the road” and it was now 11.30pm. James trudged up the stairs and glanced out of the window on what was a very nice summers evening. It was mid June and they had been having nice, warm weather of late and tonight it was still quite sticky. The faint hum of the noisy bars was disappearing with every step and as he put the key into the lock of number 23, the room that he and Elizabeth shared, he was looking forward to his bed. The room was dark and cooler than the hallway outside which was nice. He closed the door, making sure to hold the lock so as not to wake Elizabeth, who he thought must have been asleep for more than an hour after a long day of cooking. The door gently clicked to and he looked around into the darkness, just starting to make shapes out as his eyes adjusted to the darkness. Elizabeth had left the curtains slightly ajar which let through a slither of moonlight that beamed down onto the cropped blonde hair of Elizabeth. She was curled into the covers facing away from James and he could just make out the light breath of what must be a dream. Her slender frame rose and fell ever so slightly with each breath as she dreamt. James thought for what must have been the thousandth time how lucky he was to be sleeping next to such an amazing young woman. Elizabeth was five feet eight inches with a slim athletic build as she used to be a gymnast. James had always been attracted to sporty girls and in Elizabeth he had found one that not only had a trim, tight body, but also an incredibly beautiful face
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