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My Husband Lets Me
Why does my husband let me sleep with other men? Because he canít give me orgasms and other men can, Itís that simple. Donít get me wrong, Iíve tried really hard with Len, but he just canít get me off. Not with fucking anyway. Heís good with his tongue, when he can be bothered, but a girl needs to have her pussy filled up sometimes. Of course I knew he wasnít a great lover when I married him, but I thought heíd improve with age. No luck, he still comes far too quickly for me, but he says itís because I get him too excited, so itís my fault. It doesnít help that heís got a fairly small cock. I wasnít hugely experienced and Len had been my only lover, but I just knew that there was more to sex than what my husband was giving me. How did I talk him into it? Well, thereís a story there, if youíre interested. I didnít want to just go flat out and cheat on him. He was my husband, I did love him, and I didnít want to hurt him, but we both knew that our sex life was the pits and needed improving. And it wasnít that Len was under-sexed or anything, he was as ready to get laid as the next man, just that he wasnít very good at controlling himself. So, I decided to use his lustiness for my own benefit by suggesting we get involved in the swinging lifestyle by swapping with other couples. Of course Len jumped at the chance of nailing other menís wives and if it was devious manipulation on my part, so what? My priority was to experience good sex without destroying my marriage. Luckily we were best friends with a really hot couple, Cheryl and Henry, so they were the obvious first port of call when it came to stretching our sexual horizons. Len was in a state because he didnít know how to approach the issue with our friends and was worried that either we would appal them or they would reject us. I told him to relax, Iíd invite them over for dinner and after a few wines weíd start fooling around. If they joined in, fine, and if not weíd move on to another couple. Iíd already begun compiling a list. Of course, I
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