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One Time Affair
God…he’s cute, she told herself. He wasn’t looking at her but she was looking at him. She watched him, often as he walked around, and studied all of his body. Nice hair, really cute eyes, and his body…ohhhhhhh his body she thought… It’s to die for she told herself. And it was. Probably a lot more then she knew. She stared and she watched and she ogled all the features she could see as he walked around or sat down whatever her good looking stepbrother did. Yes, he was going to be her stepbrother. In her mind, she wondered, what if this, what if that…she thought about a lot of things. Yes, she did. She thought about her and him, dating, but she also thought about that next level between a guy and a girl. Ohhh wow, she told herself. Could that ever happen? I mean…he is good looking. He’s a stud. He’s polite it seems. She thought and she thought about it but then he finally stood and walked out of the room. Wow, look at his ass too. She smiled as he walked away. Two days passed. Her mother had told her she and her new step-dad were leaving to go out on a short vacation and asked if she’d keep an eye on the house instead of going to her dads. She said yes and asked if anyone else would be there too. Her mom said Jeremy, her stepbrother, could stop by here or there. Jeremy, she told herself…Jeremy…really she thought. Oh god…oh god…yes…ohhh yes, yes…yes. Her heartbeat sped up. Her face felt flush. Yes, do stop by…do come over she thought. I’d love that. I’d really love that she thought. “Hi” she heard while thinking about him. She didn’t realize he’d actually come up to her. “How’s it going?” he said politely. She looked up. Ohhh what a smile…what a…ohhh man, god…he is sooooooo darn good looking she told herself. “Hellooooo?” he said again in a bemused tone of voice. “Oh hi…uhhh…” His smile, it was terrific, she told herself. His eyes, his teeth, his hair…don’t look…do not look at his body. He’ll know and you don’t want him to know Amy. You can not let him know you’re hot on him. He sat down in the other chair and he began the banter with his stepsister. “So you’re…what…20, 21…maybe 22?” he
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