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We’ve been talking for months. We met online but were thousands of miles away from each other, not to mention being wrapped up in our daily responsibilities. In a world of singles oriented websites where relationships come and go with depressing regularity, somehow we have remained together. Phone conversations are intermittent but e-mails are not…we have chatted almost daily, about anything and everything, from the mundane of everyday life to the intensely erotic. Although we are both married to others, we have found comfort in the ability to tell someone about ourselves without worry of condemnation. We have danced around the subject of actually meeting in person until eventually this was an itch that just had to be scratched. We have agreed to meet for a weekend…I’ve told my husband that I’ll be away for the weekend at a women’s retreat and you’ve told your wife some equally plausible story. As I stand at the airport terminal waiting for you to arrive to pick me up, I keep reminding myself to keep calm… but I’m nervous as hell. We’ve acted out our meeting many times but now that it’s actually happening, how will it go? I scan the crowd, looking for the face I’ve only seen in pictures until today…and then there you are, with that smile I’ve been dreaming of for so long. We’re both suddenly feeling a little shy and we try to put each other at ease by making small talk as we drive to the place you’ve arranged for us to spend the weekend. It’s a friend’s place, you explain…a very discreet friend. Pulling up out front of a tiny house, you grab my bag from the trunk of your car and lead me up the walk and into our little hideaway. Giving me a quick tour of the little studio apartment, you point out the washroom, in case I want to freshen up after my trip. “Good idea” I smile “I’ll be out in a bit” Quickly I take a shower and put on the little number I bought special, just for you and then, taking a deep breath to calm my nerves, I take one last look in the mirror and move to join you in the living room/bedroom. As I exit the powder room, I can see that you’ve started a fire in the fireplace…your back
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