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Satisfying Hot Shilpa Aunty
Hi Friends, I am Suri 26 yrs form Pune. today, I decided to share my first experience. Let me tell you about myself. Ifm tall, average built, with 6 1/2 inches peter under me. Let me tell you the sweetest incident of my life now. I was 21 at the time and after completing my Exams, I came for vacation, to my auntiefs house in Bangalore. Since I have no other relatives in the town, I have to stay with my beautiful aunt who was a widow and was about 32 yrs old. Her name is Shilpa. She had a very good figure of 38 28 32 a real sexy figure, brown hair till her butts and was really fair and was of average built, may be around 55 Kgs. When I reached over my auntfs house it was locked, as she had been to local market. At that time, it was raining so I stood in front of her home. She came around 7 PM and at the time rain was heavy. So she will completely drenched. On seeing her I got an instant erection which I have never felt before whenever I have met her. She asked when I came and took me inside the house. Then we entered the house which was a 1 bhk house. She gives me a towel and she went to the bed room to change her dress. But my aunt forgot to close the door and I was watching her from a distance in hall. She removed her clothes one by one. First she removed her saree, and she was looking dam sexy with her blouse and petticoat fully wet and they were sticking to her skin. Then she removed her blouse and water was running between her cleavage. Then she removed her petticoat and was standing with a transparent panty & a matching bra. She was searching for a towel and as she was not able to find one, i was sure that she will come out to the hall to take one and hence I just turned 180 degrees facing the other side. Then she found that the door was opened and she quickly closed the door and asked for my towel. I gave mine. then we prepared food, ate & chatted for some time and after that we went to sleep. We both
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