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The air is soft and warm on this perfect summer day. The kind of day spent walking hand in hand, feeling the smooth sand between your bare toes, listening to the rolling waves washing ashore and seagulls in the distance. A day begging to be savored forever. We awoke before dawn this morning, having planned a special retreat away from the children. Our bags were packed the night before and stowed in the trunk of your little red sportscar. We watched the sunrise as we drove the two hours to our romantic hideaway, stealing secret glances and knowing smiles all the way there. Our little white cabin sits off a pathway between the sand dunes and tall beachgrass. Just big enough for two, the cabin is light and rustic, decorated with special treasures we had scavenged along the beach. Driftwood, seaglass, bits of bleached coral, pretty seashells and dried sea sponges adorn the tiny cabin. The golden morning light sparkles through the little windows, spreading bits of magical glitter throughout the room. At last we are alone. We can finally relax and do nothing at all, or everything we dream. No need to drive anywhere because we brought everything we will need for our weekend. So, I decide to open the bottle of Dom Perignon and pour us two glasses. As I'm pouring, I look at you standing in the sunlight and notice your hair has lightened this summer. You look like you did on the day we met. A fresh faced California boy with sun bleached blond hair and a charming, yet shy smile. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you over 20 years ago. My heart jumps a beat as I remember. You catch me looking at you and smile. I hand you your glass of champagne and we make a toast, "to us". Short and simple and filled with possibilities. The champagne makes my mouth tingle. We sip our glasses until they are empty and I fill them again. My cheeks are rosy and my head is warm and fuzzy from the champagne. I'm feeling sexy and playful. I decide I'll make the first move and I reach around your neck and pull your mouth to mine. Oh how sweet and warm your mouth feels. I taste the champagne on your tongue. As we kiss, my hands massage
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