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Sex and the Golden Fox
When I walked into the Golden Fox it was early yet. I’d just had time to shower, shave and dress for the evening after work a days at the site before getting to the bar and grill. The place came highly recommended by the members of another pile driving crew who had recently worked close by and I was there to give it a try. They’d said that there was a surplus of willing women who regularly hung out at the Fox and I was there to check this rumor out. I’m 26 and never been married. Went to work with a pile driving crew right out of high school and traveled almost continually with my crew. The work was heavy, hard and demanding as well as dangerous and paid very well. After four years of apprenticeship and three years a journeyman, I was promoted to foreman which I am today. Unlike some in my profession, I kept my personal appearance clean and pleasing to the eye. I dressed well and I tried to behave like a gentleman. So it was when I was seated at a table near the back of the Fox and a rather harried young woman took my dinner order. I surveyed the women in the room with a practiced eye and found several unescorted women - none of which appealed to me! As the room began to fill to capacity, my dinner came and I ate slowly, observing the unescorted women and rejecting each one for my evening’s entertainment for whatever reason. Then, quite unexpectedly, at the table next to me, the man stood and pulled his companion up to a standing position as he was shouting something about her being a fucking whore and struck her with his fist. The woman fell to the floor and he delivered a kick to her ribs as I grabbed his arms and pulled him away from the woman with the admonition, “Whoa there man. Cool off a bit. . .” The man turned suddenly, wrenched free, and swung his fist at me which I deflected and caught him in the solar plexis with my own right jab. He doubled over in pain and I again gripped him firmly to restrain him. As I held him firmly, his temper cooled and the woman’s tormentor became more reasonable as the woman rose up from
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