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Sexy Property Queen
You know how it is guys, you never expect to get lucky do you? but we keep on trying. Just flirting really, never know who might take you up on an offer to have some fun. I started by just calling her sexy, I knew she was married but that doesn't matter anymore, after all she was the one who found me one day when she was looking for a contractor. Now I do work on her properties while she does her work on me, and boy she knows how to do the job right. I remember staring at her ass the first time I saw her and then she approached me to talk about a job she had. I needed the work and why not, right. She’s easy to look at with blond hair, a nice rack, and that sweet round ass. Ever since then I just flirted calling her sexy. She always says yeah right but there’s a little grin to that face that let me know she had the same dirty thoughts I had. Now I just needed to figure out how to make things happen. So I just kept flirting. You know a little sweet talk, a thought or two. Sometimes telling her what other contractors that worked for her thought. How they loved her sexy ass and how they always tried to get a peek down her blouse. Whenever she came around we all tried to see how much cleavage she was showing or if she was wearing those hip hugger jeans that left the top of her ass hang out. We all looked to see if she was wearing a thong. It seemed like she wore a thong or nothing at all. More and more lately it seemed like the more I flirted the sexier her clothes got. She showed more of her tits and more of her ass. One time after she left, she had worn top that left her breast showing and her lace bra, and some real tight pants that clung to her ass and was so tight it seemed to part her pussy lips. No thong that day and just a great glimpse of her ass. After she left the one guy, a black guy, just went on and on about how he just wanted to squeeze that ass of hers and press
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