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Sister in Sex
I’d been looking for the right girl for a long time but when she finally appeared she was not what I’d expected at all. Her name was Sunny and she came from India. She was a neighbour of Alexander’s and I’d spotted her in the elevator a few times. I knew she was married and her husband was some IT hotshot. She also had a kid around three years old. Anyway, we got to talking standing at the kerb one day and I told her how I was fascinated with India, and how I’d always wanted to go there and how beautiful Indian women were. She had that sing-song Indian accent and a command of the language that was shaky at times, but I found the whole package enchanting. “How long does it take to wrap on one of them saris?” I asked her the next time we met in a local store. “It is not taking long once you are having the experience,” she replied. “They look hellish complicated.” “No, no, it is a most simple garment. There is only the underskirt, the blouse which is leaving the midriff bare and then the long piece of material which is wrapped around the body and then thrown over the shoulder. Totally very easy. You wish to try? I will dress you in the sari and we will take the photograph for the delight of your husband, Mr Alexander.” “Wow!” I exclaimed, “Could we really do that? Me in a sari, it would drive Mr Alexander nuts!” “You will come to my house, tomorrow, and I will dress you in the sari.” “What time?” “Seven pm would be most suitable. I will have Mr Prasad look after little Ranjit and we will have the girly time.” She had that exquisite and delicate bone structure which many women from the sub-continent could boast and she literally swayed in the most lithe and sensuous way when she moved. Despite that I didn’t think of her as a potential partner at that point because she was married, and to a man as well. Did they even have lesbians in India? She seemed to be strictly off-limits for a sex-mad American girl, but girly time sounded good. When I appeared she showed her eastern hospitality to the full. She had tray upon tray of spicy nibbles, all home-made, and wine too which I thought she
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