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Telling Hubby About My Toy-Boy
“Did you get some cock today?” my husband asked me. “Yes,” I hissed in reply and his hand slipped between my legs, his fingers curling into my moistness. We were curled up in bed, the kids asleep, the dog snoring on the floor. “Tell me about it,” he said and I felt him stiffen against my leg. Automatically I moved against him, encouraging his passion. I knew what the night held for me and felt my pussy opening in anticipation. “I met him at the supermarket,” I whispered into his ear, “Just doing some grocery shopping. We needed the freezer filled up and cleaning stuff. Oh, and I planned to do some baking at the weekend.” “Cathy!” he insisted. I smiled to myself, the teasing was part of the deal, at least for me. Ron knew it too and reached over to squeeze my nipple, hoping that further arousal would speed me up. I let out a little groan as he twisted my quickly hardening flesh. “He was quite a little guy. Young, maybe eighteen. Blonde hair. Cheeky grin. That’s what caught my eye.” “Did he come on to you?” “Well, I had five bags of shopping and should have used the trolley to take them to the car, but decided to carry them. I was struggling to get my keys to open the boot and he just appeared from behind me and offered to help.” “Out of nowhere?” “Well, I’d noticed him in the shop, but didn’t think he was interested in me.” “But you were interested in him?” “Oh yeah, like I said, he was cute. But I see ten cute guys a day, Ron. Not all of them make a move on me.” “What did he say?” “Oh, just asked if he could hold my bags while I found my keys and then he helped put the bags into the boot. I think he spotted me looking at his crotch because then he asked if I’d need a hand to unload the bags when I got home.” “You brought him here?” “Sure, I didn’t think you’d mind, the kids were at school. Anyway, I kind of pointed at my wedding ring and he said ‘Well, if your husband’s home he can always help you unload’ and I said you weren’t home and I’d greatly appreciate him helping me when I got home if he had the time to spare.” I ran my fingers through
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