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The Cellist
Ceara D'Arcy had wanted Damon Bennett the first time she'd laid eyes on him. He was a cellist with the Philharmonic and she had been the featured soloist. But when they'd met she had been unable to pursue her feelings as he was married and she was in a committed relationship. But now? Things were different. They were both single and against her better judgment, she'd invited him over. When Ceara heard the bell she almost flew to the door to open it. But she didn't want to seem too eager. And yet how on earth was she supposed to hide it? After their first date she'd been unable to think of anything but Damon. Opening the door, she saw him standing there with an enormous bouquet of flowers in his hands. The white roses with red tips were winking at her from his arms. "Damon! You shouldn't have!" she said, acting like a little girl receiving her first party dress. She took the roses and kissed his cheeks, first one then the other, excitedly. Damon was gorgeous, practically perfect, in fact. His unruly, short, black hair fell into his eyes, eyes so stunning they seemed to almost glow. They were ice blue and framed in a brown rim, and they were hypnotic in a way Ceara could hardly describe to her friends. They sucked her in, seemed to see straight into her very core, and then devour her at the same time. And his smile? It was a crooked, lazy smile that always touched his eyes and sent chills through her body. As he let her kiss his stubbly cheeks, he slid his hands around her tiny waist and pulled her close to him, wanting to feel the contact of a firm, yet soft body against his own. She was in amazing shape, of course, but she was also round where a woman should be round and soft where a woman should be soft. The idea that he would soon be able to get his hands on those places made him slightly dizzy. “Mmm, but I did have to. Though I couldn’t find a rose that surpassed your loveliness. I did try,” he said smiling back at her, that cock-sure smile on his face once again. She let him pull her close and her heart jumped several times, finally lodging itself firmly in her
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