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The Pussy Flashers
"Wow, that was pretty exciting," Sue said when he had disappeared. "I didn't realise what a randy sod you are, Steph. You wouldn't think that you only started frigging around today." "Maybe, but I've been feeling like it for weeks. You know, I could easily let some bloke have a proper eyeful of my fanny, without any knickers in the way, I mean. They may as well be off, because they're saturated in any case. I'm really juicing up." "Me too, but I don't know that I could just flash my fanny in cold blood as it were. Once we pull some bloke though, no problem." "Tell you what, let me take my knickers off and the next decent guy who comes along, you flash him your knickers. If he shows the same interest as the last one and we can get him talking, I'll flash him my bare fanny." With that Steph removed her sodden panties and put them into her shoulder bag. Sitting there with her fanny exposed to the cooling breeze she felt desperate to masturbate again and would probably have done so but for the fact that another "victim" was approaching. Just as she was about to slip her hand up her skirt Sue nudged her and pointed down the path where a young man in his twenties was strolling towards them, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Steph quickly assumed a neutral non provocative pose while Sue sprawled her legs all over and, just to make sure she was noticed, began to run a finger under the elastic of her knicker leg as if it was too tight and was cutting into her. The guy couldn't fail to notice and his eyes nearly popped out of his head as he drew level with the girls. "Got an itch, darling?" he said, eyes fixed on Sue's knickers. "It's usually easier to satisfy if you just take them off." "Yes, that's what my friend here said. But I'm a bit more reserved than she is." "Reserved! Bloody hell. I can nearly see everything you've got. And your knickers are fucking soaking wet, you little tart. If you're reserved what the hell is she like?" he pointed towards Steph. "Why don't you look and see?" Steph chimed in and, pulling her skirt up a couple of inches, she opened her legs a little to display the full
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