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A Night with My Wife
cock deep inside her, this was driving me crazy and had to take a break as not to cum yet. We smoked a joint and shared a beer and talked about our previous cybersex endeavors. Carolyn would make me do things like stroke my cock, play with my balls and pull on my nipples and rub the head of my 7 1/2 inch dick on them. Sometimes she would make me finger my ass and stroke my meat till I cum on my chest. Iíll do whatever she wants, and she can do whatever she wants to me, whatever turns her on Iím hers. Not that Iím gay by any means, but I enjoy the rare occasion when she licks and fingers my ass and enjoy when she works toys in me, starting with the small and working to the larger. During some of our cybersex play she wants me to cum in my mouth, Iíve tried but it is hard to align it all in the web cam, Iíve told her that I would like to eat my cum from her pussy, but she would have to make me and I would have to be a little buzzed, she said it sounded like fun and we would have to try it. Iíve never really tasted my cum before, let alone anyone elseís. Carolyn would take my oozing cock and rub it on her nipples and I would later lick it off. But the thought of eating cum from her freshly fucked pussy and getting hard again to fuck some more is a real turn on. After we chilled a bit but getting more aroused by our conversations, we turned to each other and began kissing and I worked my way to her breasts licking, caressing and nibbling on her hard nipples. She played with my nipples and returned the favor. She reached down and dipped her fingers in her pussy and coated her nipples with her pussy juice which I feverously devoured. She then rewet her fingers and covered my dick with her juices and leaned down and began to lick, suck and caress my raging cock. Itís such a turn on when she eats her own pussy juices. She broke away and we kissed savoring each otherís flavors. I lay on my back with Carolynís pussy and ass staring at me straight
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