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her to her childhood and the security that a warm bed and a hot drink offered. Tonight, she was alone. Sad. Miserable. Horny. She woke up with a start, the sound of unease, of moaning bringing her out of her slumber. Her hart was racing, her pulse quickening. Oh god, it was him, the silk shirt! He had invaded her mind, her thoughts and her dream. The smell of his cologne seemed to permeate her room and her body was powerless. She was dizzy with desire. She had no cognition and was guided by her animal instincts and innate womanhood. Trembling, she knew of only one thing and slowly guided her hand to touch her body. She felt her tits and her nipples were hard. The sensation of gently squeezing her erect nipples was good, the pain, erotic. It made her feel alive, made her feel like a woman. Her hand moved across her taut stomach, hovering over her belly button. She felt the familiar throb of longing between her legs and slowly inched her well manicured hand between her thighs. She teased. She tormented. She touched. Oh god, the feeling. The feeling of her wet pussy, the overtly swollen labia and the warmth consoled her. Her fingers found their way into her opening and gently she started fucking them, gliding them in and out. The image of the silk shirt filled her mind and fuelled her fantasy. Her dildo was new and hadn’t been used. It was forgotten about, until now. Unwrapping the silver six inch bullet, she lubed it with cherry flavour sensual lubricant and guided it in her pussy. Her imagination was untamed and she remembered the image of the bulge she’d glanced earlier. She fucked the dildo harder, thrusting it in and out of her cunt, harder and deeper. She imagined his tongue flicking and caressing her clit, his fingers pummelling her wet pussy. His mouth covering hers and his tongue expertly exploring her mouth, she knew woman loved him, adorned him. She envisaged him double barrel fucking her and found her deserted vibrator. Slowly easing the dildo up her ass and the vibrator into her cunt, the savoured the wave of pleasure engulfing her body. She arched and writhed, her muscles working into a frenzy. She massaged her tits and plucked at the erect nipples, the pain consuming.
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