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Bree's Last Patient
room as she walked in for her last appointment of the day. . . The young man was clearly distressed as Bree picked up his file and saw the note, “This young man has threatened to kill himself and insists that he see a doctor. Wouldn’t say what his problem was.” “Well, What can I do for you? Young man!” She asked and the young fellow showed a look of horror as he saw her. He gasped, “My God! You’re a woman. I didn’t know..” Bree felt a tremor of humor as she replied, “Yes! I’m a woman. What can I do for you? “I can’t talk to a woman” “Then, Why are you here?” “I thought you were a man. I didn’t realize . . .” “Well, I am a doctor and trained to handle all sorts of problems,” Bree said to relax the young man and get to the bottom of his problem. “I’ll bet not mine.” “Well, Why don’t you tell me a little about that problem and let’s see.” Suddenly the young man showed a surge of confidence as he said, “It’s a sex problem.” Then, as she was preparing to question further her nurse opened the door to the treatment room and asked, “Do you need me any more? It’s past my quitting time.” Bree replied that she had no further need of her nurse and then the office was vacant except for Bree and the young man. So, what’s the nature of your problem? She asked. “I’m horny. . . Seems like I’m hard all the time. I can’t think clearly as my hormones are driving me.” “Have you tried masturbation” “Probably ten times a day but it doesn’t bring relief. I can’t go on living like this.” It was as he spoke that Bree realized his problem was very much the same as hers. She began to feel something stirring in her bowels. “Damn!” she thought, “I’m gonna’ be as bad off as him in a minute. Suddenly, an idea developed. She mulled it over briefly as she made her decision to take this man’s virginity. The decision was made over the strong inner voices of dissent that usually controilled her actions. “Have you had sex recently? She asked the young man innocently. “No, I’m single and a pastor of a small church. I’ve sworn to remain chaste until marriage and I’ve never had sex.” It was time to set her plan
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