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Carly's New Life
receiving. Only when she felt his big cock move into her vestibule did she feel fear. It had been momentary as the bog man-meat moved into her warm love channel and she was subject to a whole new set of sensations. From that first night with Ryan, Carly went through a number of ready and willing guys as she became addicted to the excitement of fucking each new guy! As she experienced each of those new guys in her life, she picked up some new ideas to perfect her own technique and life was good. Then, after university, she’d moved to the city and found the many clubs and discos exactly to her liking. There were men, even a surplus of men, as she adjusted to her new life in the city. She leased a studio apartment in one of the high-rise apartments which she furnished to suite her tastes. The big, king-sized bed with the dimmer lighting and a bedside stand stocked with condoms, lubes, and gadgets. On the walls were murals of nude men and women and the stereo system was equipped to play mood music. It was the place where she could entertain and be entertained by the men she chose to bring there. So it was that early evening when Carly, dressed in a sexy, skintight, red mini-dress and black hosiery. approached the Atrium Club where she was pretty sure that there’d be a man to suit her purpose. It was early yet as she entered and passed through the still sparse crowd to the bar, she noted the several pairs of men’s eyes follow her. Then, at the bar, she turned suddenly and checked out the owners of those eyes. One set of eyes in particular belonged to a rather handsome fellow with the earmarks of a gentleman and she considered him. The fellow was rather to her liking and she’d probably not find better for her purposes by waiting. She returned her gaze to that particular set of eyes and caught his attention. Then, having sent the signal she waited until a minute later when he appeared by her side and spoke, “High, I’m Greg and who, might I ask, have I the pleasure of addressing?” “Name’s Carly! Have a seat here at the bar.” She said as she motioned him to sit. “What’s up with you tonight? Carly” “Just drinkin’ and lookin’
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