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Dancing Around the May Pole
roads.” “Well, find a spot to pull over. I need your cock in my mouth. Pull it out and pull over.” I drove on till I found a part of the road with a shoulder where I could park. It was close to a farm with horses running in the fenced-in paddy. We were surrounded by woods. Lo leaned over, unbuckled my dress pants, unbuttoned them, unzipped them and pulled out my hard cock. She went down on it like an animal swallowing its prey whole. I pushed down on her head because I love the feel of her lips up against my body around the base of my cock. Her long black hair draped over her face and felt soft on my skin. She continued like this for a while as she fingered her pussy. Then she abruptly pulled off and said, “Get out of the car.” I looked at her puzzled. “Just do it!” I obeyed her demand. We got out of the car and I went over to the passenger side. She crouched down in her heels there on the dirt shoulder of the road and sucked off my cock. Her dress hung down between her legs and she pulled it up to be able to manipulate her pussy. A car passed. She didn’t care. After some time she stood up and bent over the hood of my car and lifted up her dress from behind. She pulled down her panties and looked over her shoulder at me. “Fuck me.” Nothing else needed to be said. I mounted her from behind, pressing her torso into the hood of the car. I began thrusting at her in the crisp cool spring air. My breath had gotten so hot and intense that I could see it misting as I rapidly inhaled and exhaled. Lo’s tits had fallen out of the plunging neckline of her dress and were now drooping on the hood of the car, the nipples becoming erect from the cold of the metal. I fucked her hard for about a minute and she came with a startling scream. The horses in the paddy turned and ran. It’s like she’s a fucking force of nature! I pulled out of her as she lay listless on the hood of the car. It looked like I had murdered her or something. I went to
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