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First Time Having Sex
feel your hands start to move across my body. Down my back, grabbing my ass, running them back up my stomach, and onto my tits. I feel you slowly start to dig your hand into my bikini top, grabbing both tits with your strong, big hands. They get harder, and harder as you rub them, more and more intensly. I pull away from kissing you, and look down at you. This is the farthest we had ever gone with eachother before. Both still virgins, we were nervous on what to do next. I make the first move. I take of my bikini top, slowly. I see you're mouth drop, and you stare at my large tits hang above your face. I get off you, and look around to make sure we are completely alone. Still, you stare at my tits, not knowing what to do. You begin to rub them again, observing them very closely. I notice your getting pleasure from this, by looking at your bathing suit trunks, and seeing a tent that is forming in them. You blush, but I just smile at you. "I-I've never--", "I know, I haven't ever gone this far either", I reassure you. We both have grown up Christians. Our parents had both always earged us to wait until marriage, and until this moment, we both had wanted to wait. You grabbed my tits more, and then leaned your head closer towards them hesitating, I smile at you, reassuring that I want you to suck on them. And without further convincing, you begin to. Your warm mouth on my hard nipples makes me feel amazing. I feel my pussy being to get wet. And I feel your breath getting deeper, and deeper as you get more and more eroused by this. Suddenly, I can't handle it anymore, and I push you down, and rip off your trunks. In shock, you stare at my every move, while my tits go up and down with my movements. I have never seen your cock before, and was in shock when I realized the size of it. It spiked up to be about 8 inches long, and 2 thick. I saw the vessels in it pulsing as my tiny mouth came closer and closer to it. Your face was bright red, from how horny you had become, and by the look on your face,
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