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High School Days
I!" Jerry said. "OK, Bill, you put the tape in the stereo while I get ready," she told him. "And you guys sit on the sofa." Barbara left the room and Bill put a tape in the stereo. The two men sat on the sofa, facing the center of the room, Jerry on one end and Bill to his left. "You're really going to like this," Bill grinned. "This gal has taught them some really raunchy stuff. It's great." But since there were about to watch Bill's sister, Jerry figured she would only go so far. After all, stripping in front of your brother was not something that he thought Barbara would really do. "OK, Bill, turn on the music," Barbara called from the other room. Bill quickly switched on the tape and got back to his seat. The music started and Barbara came strutting into the room. She was wearing a miniskirt which came down to about mid-thigh, a short blouse which was not buttoned, just tied together below her tits, and a pair of high heeled shoes. She stopped in the middle of the room and slowly turned around in front of them. Then she began to dance, weaving and bumping and grinding in time to the music, her long black hair tossing as she danced, her hips swivelling smoothly with the music. Barbara turned her back to the men and slowly began to slide the miniskirt up her legs, rolling her firm, round ass at them. Jerry felt his prick beginning to stiffen already! This cunt was as sexy as hell, even fully dressed. When the skirt was just below her ass, Barbara bent over, her legs straight and slightly apart. As she leaned over, Jerry could see just the bottom of the crotch of a pair of black panties! Then she swung back around facing them. Rolling and grinding her hips, she brought her hands up to her head, then slowly down to her breasts. Jerry didn't know where he wanted to look the most, to see what she was going to do with her hands or to watch her crotch, where the mini- skirt was still clinging at crotch level and promising to give a peek of her panties again. He decided to watch her hands as she cupped her breasts through the blouse. She squeezed and rolled her boobs, making
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