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Life's Changes - Part 1
before the scheduled eastbound bus would depart having kept hundred dollars in cash I was able to purchase a ticket to a small town just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. It was nearly twelve hours later when I had arrived at my destination in the town of Scottsdale, Arizona, serviced by a Metro bus line with effort I had soon located in an expensive hotel and before the conclusion of the day had secured employment in a small restaurant as a line cook. I would be working the two to ten shift, the menu was simple and with more years commercial cooking experience than Id like to remember I didnt anticipate having any major difficulties. I got a good night sleep at the hotel though it was fairly noisy I was far too tired to be kept awake, the hotel was situated over a bar with a loud jukebox that made it sound almost as if your bed was situated in the bar. Id allowed myself an hour for the bus ride from where the hotel was situated to the small restaurant where Id be working, a bus ride took just over twenty minutes and I had time to relax before I clocked in. Setting in the employees break room I met several of the waitresses that worked there from both shifts and I finally met Shirley, Shirley was there prep cook she working the two to ten shift as well. During the shift working with Shirley the prep cook I soon discovered that she was somewhat flirtatious and a bit risqu as well, rows of stainless steel shelves divided the walk-in into what was three foot wide isles. I was in the walk in getting another box of eggs when Shirley walked in. . . The aisle wasnt actually narrow enough to warrant it and I was fairly certain that surely deliberately squeezed by me so that our bellies and are thighs would deliberately make contact as we passed. Later slightly over four hours into this shift it to my break, shortly after I was seated at the break table and had begun eating I was soon joined by Shirley, what a coincidence. In between eating Shirley openly quizzed me asking fairly common questions and some personal questions as well, during our mutual break I discovered that Shirley was bisexual and had a common-law
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