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Masel and the Virgin
“I’m a professional and I’m not working tonight. There’s lots of girls at the bar, , ,” It had deterred previous attempts to date her. When Vance Klemper enter the club, he took one step inside and let his eyes rove about the club as they adjusted to the darkness. Then, he moved towards the bar and the action. . . . Mase had seen Vance enter and took an immediate interest in the tall, good looking, short gray haired, clean shaven man dressed casually. He had seemed different from the usual visitors to the club; then, as he moved off towards the bar, she lost interest in him. It was a few minutes later when Mase saw a hand place a fresh G. & T. In front of her and turned to say that she hadn’t ordered it. She found herself facing Vance Klemper and immediately said, “I’m a professional and I’m not working tonight. There’s plenty of girls at the bar. . .” Vance replied as he drew a chair from an adjacent table and seated himself facing Mase, “I don’t want any of those girls. I want you.” “Look, I’m an old woman. You could do better with one of those. . .” “I said, I don’t want any of those. It’s you I want!” Vance replied as he began peeling off $100 bills from his wad. “Would $500 interest you?” Seeing the money before her, Mase began to take an interest. This was the kind of money she had commanded for a trick in her best days. She hesitated as their eyes met. Seeing her hesitation, he peeled off three more bills and laid them on the table and Mase’s mind was made up. . .she’d go back to the profession for one more time. As she hesitated to make up her mind, two more bills had fallen on the table and she raised her eyes to see him reaching for the ten bills and turning to depart. She grasped his hand and said simply, Do you want to go to your place or mine?” “Mine’s right up the street at the Excabilur”. He said. They walked out of the club together toward the shabby, old hotel a block away. Mase knew the hotel well as she’d met many of her Johns there for their trysts and began to feel concerns. Why would a man who dropped
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