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My Husband Lets Me
wasn’t walking in totally blind with Cheryl. She and I had been friends since high school, so I knew she was no shrinking violet and we had talked about swinging in the past, though never admitting that we were tempted by it. More to the point Cheryl was a little blonde doll and I knew Len had always fancied the idea of doing her. More to the point, as far as I was concerned was that Henry was a damned good looking guy and Cheryl had praised his bedroom skills many times. If things worked out as I planned, Cheryl would be the only loser in this arrangement as she’d have to put up with Len’s lousy love-making. This didn’t worry me as I reckoned I’d make it up to her some way. My real problem lay with Len. If he got too excited at the prospect of fucking Cheryl he’d probably pop off while I was fooling around with him to set the stage. Cheryl wouldn’t be too keen on letting me have her husband if all she was getting was a crap fuck. The only way I could think of to ensure that he didn’t spunk off in my hands was to drain him immediately beforehand so on the appointed evening I had to prepare salmon en croûte while letting hubby fuck me from behind. It would have made a strange sight if anybody had walked in, me stirring a white wine sauce with my skirt up at my waist, my panties at my knees and Len poking at my ass. He’d wondered why I was so keen to fuck when we were hopefully just a short while away from experiencing new lovers but he could never resist my pouted, “I’m horny, honey.” Anyway, anybody that knows anything about cooking knows that a white wine sauce doesn’t take long, but Len still managed to finish before it was ready. I’d asked Len not to spunk in me as I didn’t want to give Henry sloppy seconds by way of an introduction, but he still came all over my ass which required a dash to the toilet to wipe his mess off while I left him stirring. The meal went off without incident and then we all retired to the lounge with our drinks and put some music on the CD
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