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One Time Affair
began. “Yeah…that’s it…I can see it you’re… Oops, I am so sorry…what an idiot I am…I shouldn't be asking a good looking woman like you how old she is.” All the while, here she was, proud that he thought she was 20 or even 22 when in fact she’d just turned 18 three months back. Yeah, okay, she has a nice figure. She has nice boobs for someone her age. She has a sweet trim waistline and great hips as well for a girl so young, but he didn’t see it at all. Or maybe he did and he was sweet-talking her all along. Either way she did not mind. “No, I’m only 18 as of…well it doesn’t matter. How old are you?” she said. He told her. 25…you mean you’re 25? And he’s talking to me, she thought. He is speaking to me? She finally smiled. “Hey, I’ve got to do something, alright…I’ll talk with you soon, okay?” He said sure and she got up. She went to her bedroom and closed the door. “Oh god…yes… Oh my god yes,” she said to herself as she looked herself over in the mirror. “He talked to me. He…talked to…me” she exclaimed. She smiled, pushed her hair back off her shoulders, and she then looked at her breasts. She smiled some more. “Ohhhhhhh yeah, don’t fail me now” she said as she pushed them up…don’t fail me now.” Two days later the package came. It was her first one. Her very first one. She could not wait. She grabbed the scissors. She cut the tape. She pulled open the box. Ohhhhhhh my god, she thought as she lifted it from the box. Wow, she told herself as she held the item in her hands. She felt it with her fingers as she wondered what it would feel like. Her eyes closed as she held it. She smiled while holding the long undulated tubular piece between her hands and fingers. “Mmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhh” she told herself as she felt how it felt to her. “I can’t…I can’t imagine” she began. “I can’t even imagine what…what this… Ohhh wow” she went on to say. She looked for the batteries. “No batteries at all? Come on…oh here they are.” The vibrator dropped in her lap. She was afraid it might break as she picked it up quickly. She then began
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