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Bree's Last Patient
in motion. Bree’s resolve stronger than ever, the voices of dissent were abating. “Never had sex. Well, that’s your problem. Perhaps we can remedy that if you really want to.” “I want to.” “Will you do exactly as I say without question? Can you keep what transpires here a secret?” As she spoke, the young man smiled as he realized the implications of what she was saying. “Yes maam! I can keep a secret . . . except from God, of course! “Don’t worry about him and his righteousness right now. I’m sure he understands your situation even better than you. Now, take off your clothes and get into this hospital gown” Bree said as she stepped into the adjacent examining room and quickly removed her own clothing save for a hospital surgical suit. She felt her excitement growing and her passions mounting as she anticipated what she was going to do.. When Bree returned to the young man she found her breathing shallow and her flesh flushed with passion. The voices of dissent had faded. She went to the examining table and lowered the upper section flat before placing a blanket over the leather table and asking the young man to lie down on the blanket and get comfortable. She then threw the second blanket over him to cover his modesty as she said, “Now, reach under the blanket and remove your gown.” she said. Standard procedure for an examining room, she thought! As she turned the blanket down to expose him to the waist, her hand gently brushed his breasts and nipple. The effect on the young man was obvious! He grew even more flushed and his breathing came in shallow gasps. Then, she bent as if to observe him more closely and spoke into his ear, “Are you comfortable?” she whispered. “Yyyes!!!,” “Do you like my fingers touching your bare skin?” she asked. “Yes! Please do it some more?” With that she increased the tempo of her caresses and her hands covered every bit of his upper torso and the young man’s body was beginning to shiver with passion. Of course, the actions were having their effect on Bree too and she felt herself quicken with a growing passion with each of her caresses. Having massaged his upper torso, Bree pulled the blanket up and exposed his legs to the upper thighs. There she continued to caress and massage
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