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Carly's New Life
for a good time” Greg turned to the bartender and ordered, “Another drink for the lady please.” So, they engaged in small talk for a few minutes and Carly noted, with satisfaction, that Greg’s hands were frequently touching and feeling her. . . all very innocently of course! She began to feel the excitement build! Then, the band started to play and they danced. Greg was a lousy dancer. . .but his hands were constantly on her. When the music got slow, he pulled her to him and she felt his bone wedged between their bellies. He was definitely hot! Then, as they returned to the bar, Carly said, “I’ve got a place. . .not to far! It’s more private.” Twenty minutes later, Carly was opening her apartment door to admit she and Greg. Then, on entry, she suggested that Greg sit on the sofa while she poured them some brandy. As she moved, the mood music began to play in the background and the lights grew dimmer. From her picture window the lights of the city were beautiful and after handing Greg his drink, she went to the window and stared out in silence. Then, just as she’d planned, Greg came and stood behind her at the window. As they looked out on the lights of the city she felt Greg’s arms embrace her from behind as he pressed his body against hers at the window. Her excitement grew! She turned and embraced Greg to draw him close as she kissed him. Now, she was feeling the good old familiar feel . . lust, passion, excitement, possibly a bit of fear. Her mind and body were fully attuned to the situation and she felt her labia moisten and her nipples grow sensitive. There was an urgency now! Carly took Greg’s hand and led him to the big bed where she turned him and sat him as she loosened his belt and zipper ands pulled off his polo shirt. Suddenly, it was a flurry of activity as they undressed each other and themselves to leave their clothes where they fell on he floor. As Carly looked at Greg’s body for the first time, she was pleased. He was normal and healthy and his hard-on was at it’s finest. She reveled briefly in the thought that she had caused it - it as hers, at least for the night anyway!
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