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Dancing Around the May Pole
put my hard cock away as a car drove by, slowing down to look at the scene of the crime. Lo slowly peeled herself off of the hood and put herself back together. We got in the car and followed the directions to the function hall. The wedding wasn’t being held in a church or religious space. To save money and family fighting the couple decided to get married in the function hall in which they were having the reception. The place was a sprawling building on a lush, green property with a lake and a few gazebos. It was lovely. We walked in and had to pass a number of anterooms and other function rooms in various stages of being assembled before we found our party’s room. We went in and waited on line with the other guests to sign the guest book. The bride and groom were waiting by the guest book greeting their invitees as they got to the front of the line. Finally it was our turn and Lo gave a hug and a kiss to both bride and groom as I shook their hands and introduced myself. Then I picked up on something that only the groom also saw. Lo bent over the book to write our names in it and as she did her dress plunged down revealing her braless breasts hanging down within her loose-fitting dress. I was to Lo’s right and I actually couldn’t see this wonderful opportunity, but I had seen how the dress fit on her and simply from the stare of the groom’s eyes on Lo’s chest I deduced what it was that must have caught his eye. I couldn’t begrudge it of him. Her breasts are beautiful and if one is going to show them off like that, others are going to look. And furthermore, the poor sot was about to enter into vows that would, theoretically at least, make such beauty forbidden to him. Let the condemned man have his last meal – a feast of his eyes upon my lovely Lo’s breast. Oh Lo, you temptress, you sadist, you slut! We found our way to our table and introduced ourselves to the motley guests with whom we were seated – a sad conglomeration of suburbanite couples who must have the dreariest of sex lives. Just imagining sex with
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