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First Time For Everything
long and had a head on it like a cock. As I was doing this she started to grind her pussy into my face and I knew she was almost ready to cum. I myself was almost ready to cum from her sucking my cock. She suddenly let out a series of moans as she reached her climax. Her throat muscles contracted around my cock and I let loose with one of the biggest loads of cum I had ever shot. There was so much that it ran out of her mouth and down my sac before dropping on the towel I was laying on. When we both recovered she said "Let's go for a swim and then I want you to fuck me." We swam for a little while then got back up on the edge of the pool. We laid down on the cushions and towels and started playing around. She played with my cock and balls again as I fingered her slit and pussy. I put my finger up her hole and then took it out and replaced it with my thumb. Because of the way the thumb tilts in a womans pussy it is easy to find her G spot. When you do this they will start to thrash around and moan and then reach another orgasm. "Put your cock in me you fucker" she said, "I want to feel it all the way up my pussy until you hit my cervix. Come on, fuck me hard, I want you to fill my womb with all your cum." I had never had a woman talk to me like this, mostly they just laid there as I slid my cock in and out of them until I shot a load of cum inside them. This was really a first time. My cock slid in and out of her, faster and faster, suddenly I felt the tension in my balls and knew I was going to explode. I shoved my cock as far into her as I could and then let loose with what seem liked a gallon of cum. I laid there with my cock buried inside her until it shrank and finally slipped out. I looked at her cunt and saw a stream of cum trickling down over her ass hole. "You'll have to work on your car more often
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