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Fixing my Drive
be after work,” he said, “maybe about seven.” “That wouldn’t be convenient, my children will be home then.” Was he a fool? Did he think I needed computers fixed? “Oh.” “I can only have you over during the day .. if you want to be of service to me.” I could almost hear his mind ticking as he wondered if this was some kind of elaborate wind up by his immature friends or a genuinely mad-for-it older woman. “Give me your address, I’ll be over tomorrow at three,” he said with a faint croak in his voice. He’s due in ten minutes and I’ll let you know what happens. TUESDAY 6th MARCH Well he didn’t get cold feet and he did show up which was a blessing as I’d spent some effort in getting ready for him. I do like dressing up for my boys as I imagine they get quite bored with their skinny little girlfriends with their jeans and t-shirts. So a nice blouse and skirt are the order of the day under which, of course, I hide the temptations of a Basque, stockings, suspenders and the tiniest panties imaginable. Add to that a discreet dollop of make-up, perfume and jewellery and you have the MILF’s essential battle-garb. That tends to send the young lads quite giddy as it fulfils all their fantasies of how an older woman’s should look. “I imagine you know why you’re here,” I said to Derek as I took him into our lounge. “Uh, computers,” he mumbled. “Don’t be silly. You’re here to have sex with me. And don’t tell me you’re not interested, I saw you trying to peek up my skirt.” I always found it was best to be a bit bossy with young chaps as they usually weren’t long out of education and were used to obeying teachers. Also, if one left it up to them, I’d never get any cock as they were invariably shy about admitting what they wanted. He blushed bright red which is quite a turn on in its own way. “You .. kids .. husband,” he mumbled. “Yes, me, I’m Nicole, and I have kids and a husband. Now, what’s your name?” “Derek,” he said. “Well, Derek, I like to have sex with younger men and my husband doesn’t mind. Does that interest you?” “Oh .. yes,” he said, almost eagerly. “Good. Shall we sit down and chat or would you like to
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